Quality and Environment Policies

[Quality and Environment Policies]

We, Cowbell engineering Co., Ltd,. target the environmental protection is most important problems for our humans, therefore we always design products with minimal environment impact in every operation. Our mission is to secure our customer satisfaction on environmental safeguard, high technology and high quality.

Quality policies

  • We contribute the customer on high technology and quality.
  • We keep a delivery deadline and cut costs.

Environment policies

  • We prevent pollution to asset environmental influences in advance. For example, our activity, products, service, and possibility operations.
  • We promote resource to save as environmental safeguard activity and improve to save resources, energy about the following items.
    1. Reduce waste by segregation and recycling
    2. Reduce regular fuel and electricity , in addition, to cut these cost
    3. Manage chemical substance and purchase products of environmental protection.
  • We pay attention to the society and the environment in the earth ourselves, as well as all of our employees improving for consciousness of the environmental protection results from educating it for our staff and conduct public relations.

Common policies

  • We obey a law, public regulation and the matter which we agreed with.
  • We promote a management system based on ISO14001:2004 and a standard of ISO9001:2008 so that all employees maintain and improve environmental issue and quality. Also we publicize for all of the people who develop systems.
  • We continuously review the quality and environmental target every year due to accomplish these.

July 1st ,2009
Cowbell engineering Co., Ltd.
President Kazushi Sakagawa

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